Võistlus: International Youth Challenge (Austria, Viin)
Toimumisaeg: 17.03.2023 - 19.03.2023
Kellaaeg: 00:00

Info: https://iycvienna.com

Reeglid: https://dartswdf.com/storage/uploads/fb05b306-c92c-4f08-b512-affb092a1b3d/2019-10-07_WDF_International_Youth_Challenge_Rules_rev_1.pdf


As it is for youth players only, all of the program is free of any charge:
- WDF GOLD ranked single competition
- internationally mixed pairs
- internationally mixed team
- external event 
- Saturday diner
- Saturday Evening Party at the Hotel


For Hotel, please write an email to bankett@jufahotels.com (Mrs. Julia Mittermann), refer to booking number 7886819 to book the rooms.
Here are the prices for all kind of rooms for the tournament:
Single: €110,- per night incl. 1x breakfast (=110€/Person and night)
Double: €130, per night incl. 2x breakfast (=75€/Person and night)
3-bed: €150 per night incl. 3x breakfast (=50€/Person and night)
4-bed: €170 per night incl. 4x breakfast (=42,50€/Person and night)
This has to be booked and payed by you/the participants. We as Austrian Darts Federation are not involved in that.
The prices are incredibly cheap for Vienna and we highly recommend booking there. You can also cancel booking till 3 days before stay without any charges/fees